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    Thread: No crank, no start

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      What's wrong with my car?
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      No crank, no start

      2008 Chev Aveo5 with ~65000 kms on it. L91 auto.
      Car sat for a year and some before I started working on it. Battery was nfg.
      Replaced the battery, cleaned and repaired any corroded grounds I could find in the engine compartment.
      When connecting the battery, the following lights in the driver information center come on -
      airbag 2, oil, battery, seatbelt, red dot (it comes and goes depending on connecting and disconnecting battery cables). Key is not in the ignition at this time.
      Try to start it with foot on brake pedal, a relay in underhood fuse box is clicking along with solenoid beside shifter. Engine will not crank at all.
      Starter (along with connections at starter) is good, battery is a brand new Delco. All exterior lights work. Radio works. All fuses are good (triple checked).
      However, the fuel gauge does not move at all. It stays below E and I cannot hear fuel pump either.
      My scanner cannot detect the ECM or the TCM, yet can detect the airbag system. I found another ECM to try and no luck with that.
      Iím frustrated as heck and the internet is not yielding anything. I cannot find a single post on the internet that has similar issues, in fact, there are barely any posts on these cars at all.
      This is my last resort before I break down and haul it in to the dealership.
      Please help!
      Thank you.

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