So, we are working on a 2007 Aveo that appears to have a major electrical short. I was performing continuity tests on the under hood fuse block, and six(!!!) load points are lighting up the multimeter. LH/RH high beams, LH/RH low beams, and LH/RH illumination. DRL module was unplugged, with no change to these results. Module does not appear to be damaged. The rest of the fuse block passes the continuity test.

Symptoms are ....plentiful. Hitting the brake pops the interior brake fuse. The dome light does not go off, as it thinks there is a door ajar. Putting the vehicle in reverse pops the interior ECM fuse. Probably because...there's a major short to ground, that is affecting all of these components? That's my working assumption, at this point.

I just want to make sure I'm on the right path here in assuming there's a short on a main power line. We've spent a ton of time troubleshooting this already. It appears most of those wires run through the driver side fender, and then into the vehicle.

I am testing continuity by connecting negative side of my multimeter to the negative battery terminal, and probing the fuse connections with the positive probe. Battery is disconnected on the positive terminal. I can't see what I could possibly be doing wrong, but the results are really unbelievable. If there's an error in my methods here, someone please point them out for me.