Do you want to help a frenchman and his kalos ?

A year ago, after the engine warninglight appeared, my suitcase showed me the code P1403: Egr valvefailure. So I change the valve with new one and I clean the faultcodes. A week later the witness returns. After several cleaning andresetting of the ecu (disconnect the battery 10 sec) the light alwayscomes back. So I think the part might be defective. I buy one, Ichange it again + cleaning the codes ... and it comes back again

6 months ago, my kalos started havingan idle problem: always too high and not stable (between 1200 or1500). I pass the suitcase which tells me to change the "knock"sensor and in addition gives me the code P1513. For the knock sensor,I changed it and the code never came back (at least one success!). Onthe other hand for code P1513 (idle load actuator) I am advised tochange the entire throttle block (because on my model you cannot onlychange the idle speed regulator as on most kalos). Guess what ? I buya rather decent used one, I change, clean and ... the code comesback!

Summary: I changed the egr valve twice+ the throttle body once and the two fault codes P1403 and P1513always come back and my idle is always unstable and too high.

What to do ? Help me please! I take allyour ideas.

Ps: I specify that I tried to clean thecodes with an obd klavkarr and with a DS150e (WOW and Autocomsoftware)

Characteristics of my kalos

Year: 2005

Mileage: 175000

Engine: 1.2l 72hp

Thank you !

Do you want to help a Frenchman and his kalos?