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    Thread: Coolant problem, really need some insight

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      What's wrong with my car?
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      Coolant problem, really need some insight

      Ok so I decided to drive 10000 miles with no oil change n full synthetic. And I went over a few others but only by a thousand miles. Not the brightest thing do to. Over time sludge built up in my engine needless to say my Aveo was comming up on its preventitive maintenance. I just drove from MN to NV last month and had my parts I needed put in, a new water pump and timing belt kit from Gates. So I took it to a shop that I didn't check out called purrfect auto. Now after coming home my girlfriend of all people looked them up on the BBB and found out they all have been sued for doing **** like they tried on me. 300 is all I had to pay to them for labor, they showed me sludge build up on the cams and asked if I wanted it cleaned for free. I said yes sure that sounds great. After I got it back 5 hours later I was driving off and the engine light came on with the oil light flickering. I pulled up and asked them if this is going to go away and he said yes your fine just drive off man. I came back the next day because there was ticking comming from the engine and the light came on fully. I did some research and I found out that the pickup tube and oil pump was clogged. They told me the next day it looked like I needed a new head or a new engine, and that they can fix it for 2000-3000. they also showed me a pin drop of antifreeze in the head where a plug was. I don't know if they were honest about that but from everything else they said I thought it a lie. Anyways I brought it to a real shop called SanSones independent in Henderson NV and I just got it back yesterday. He replaced the pick up tube Nd the oil pump. And he cleaned the oil pan which all was pretty caked on. After asking to see the parts I paid a total of 784.04 and oil pressure was restored. Now there's another fkn issue Nd I have a feeling I'm just getting jacked around everywhere. The car is leaking coolant next to the timing belt area. And the engine light just came back on. I called him back just like the last guys and I asked for a free look see to see if he happened to miss something or a hose didn't get put on right, wtf is happening to my coolant area. Any ideas?

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      What's wrong with my car?
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      Can you post a few pics of the leak? That would help to diagnose the issue a lot. Also, is there coolant in the oil? If so, have it taken to a reputable mechanic immediately. And as far as I know, there is no possible way for coolant to get into the spark plug wells. With your oil gunk issue, use a quality oil. I run Royal Purple HMX or the api certified stuff and it runs like a champ. Just change it every 5-7k.
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      when they changed the water pump they could have not tighten the three bolts holding the water pump in place. It will leak there. Yeah pictures go a long way on the forum.

      Rip off city is why I do my own repairs.

      Please do not power off, firmware update pending.....

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