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    Thread: Coolant flush/replacement.....2006 aveo....questions.

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      Coolant flush/replacement.....2006 aveo....questions.

      Ok. JUST found out that where I can take my Aveo to get a full power flush,$111. Uses a 'Universal Coolant'??? Is there such a thing?? I took that Dex-Kill out LONG ago. They say this stuff is an 'OAT' type and it is 'yellow'. Does this exist?? I put Peak Long Life in it about 4 yrs/9K miles ago.

      Can I replace the fluid,myself by just taking off the lower radiator hose, and starting up the car to force the rest out of the engine/heater core/radiator?? OR does it have to be 'power flushed' by a pro. to get to the core/radiator?

      I am still trying to figure out IF I even have a petcock on my 2006. (Original radiator). Does it have one? If so,where?? I don't see it. IF it has one, will doing it the open hose off way, take care of the radiator as well?? Or only be half-assed?

      Thanks all!!!!

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      It has a petcock on the passenger side on the bottom (side of the radiator I think it was 13mm) run the car turn the heater on, let it cool. Empty the radiator fill with the radiator cleaner and radiator fluid. I drove 3 days about 70 miles then dump it out then fill again with distilled and run 30 min then empty again with another can of cleaner if you want water again to flush with the heater on empty again if you want to make sure you can run it for 5 min with the heater on and the plug off then let it cool tighten it and fill I read some of this and did it... BTW this is caustic stuff especially to dogs and animals they think it is sweet so please take it to a recycling place. make sure to label radiator fluid...

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      As long as everything was completely flushed, universal coolant is a non-issue in the Aveo.

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