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    Thread: Clunking over bumps

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      Quote Originally Posted by Calamaro View Post
      Hi all,

      I've got an '08 Aveo5 with over 192,000 miles. Lately it's been making a clunk somewhere in the front suspension system when I go over bumps, even small ones. It makes a little noise in the rear, too, but not quite as much. Doesn't pull to either side, and very little wobble (if any) in the steering wheel.

      Here's what I've done, but to no avail:
      -Replaced front and rear shock absorbers
      -Replaced front and rear wheel bearings and hubs
      -Replaced sway bar links
      -Replaced inner and outer tie rods
      -Replaced control arms/ball joints/bushings

      Wheels have no wobble in either the 3&9 positions or 12&6 positions. Tested suspension by lifting car slightly and putting a pry bar under the tire and couldn't replicate the clunk noise.

      What's left to try? Sway bar bushings? Crossmember bushings (and how do I even find those parts, let alone replace them)? Any other ideas?
      My girlfriend's '08 had the same thing, clunks on even the smallest bumps. It was the control arms. We had those replaced twice already. Aftermarket ones might be garbage, lasting only about a year before the balljoint gives up the ghost on these. But it sounds like you replaced practically the entire suspension on the car already

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      Quote Originally Posted by crtrett View Post
      Check your sway bar frame bushings. Did you check your top shock mounts? Either of these are common overlooks.
      problem was fixed. Check previous posts..

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