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    Thread: Clock problem and Airbag light problem

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      Clock problem and Airbag light problem

      So a little while ago I noticed my dash clock on my first gen wasnt working. So I bought another one, Well the time seems to go off and on sometimes, time is holding the right time but wont stay on and the airbag light is on.. when my old clock worked the air bag was never on and this is a used clock and the guy i bought it from said it wasnt in a wreck or anything.. so what is going on? Anyone have any idea?

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      It could be a problem with a connector. One of the guys here just did a DIY on fixing bad solder joints. If you have your old part, it maybe fixable: http://www.aveoforum.com/forum/f84/h...-lights-19274/
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      Before you solder the wires, did you check the memory fuse for the clock? There are two fuses for the clock.

      disconnecting the clock could have set the light.

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