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    Thread: Chevy Aveo 2011 - Vacuum in Crankcase\Valve Cover

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      Chevy Aveo 2011 - Vacuum in Crankcase\Valve Cover

      Hey All, hoping to get some answers.

      Lately, the engine is very labored at high RPMs when asking for more power, including some misfires.
      There is a vacuum in the crankcase and valve cover.The engine runs MUCH better when I open the oil cap or dipstick.
      All of my research had pointed to replacing the PCV valve (part of the Valve cover on this model engine)
      I now think that there is a breather valve but cannot find its location or what replacement part I need

      I have changed the Valve cover (PCV Valve is built into the Valve cover)I have a Haynes manual and it has not at all been helpful in identifying the issue or the parts needed since it seems to be focused on the older models which are very different.

      Am I on the right track with a breather valve or hose?If so where is it located on this engine?
      Anything else I might be missing or should look for ?

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      Hello Stephen, please add your car information on your garage. The PCV you are referring to that is on the valve cover is not a PCV, that is a vacuum regulator, there is a diaphragm that opens with a spring, this is the circular peice on the cover. unless you heard it sucking air, it most likely wasn't faulty. But still a common issue. Another common vacuum problem with these cars is further down the passage into your manifold, there is a check valve (PCV Valve) You can pull the hose out and with a flashlight see a brown or green nipple with some other small holes around it, this is what makes up your valve. Sometimes the nipple isn't there for whatever reason, or is can become dirty and you'll have to clean it. Unfortunately, for this you will need a new manifold. The prob with these cars is both that valve cover and the manifold will fail again and again over time. For the manifold replacement, there is the Dorman brand that claim they make a more reliable update version, but who knows. There is also an $80 kit that fixes this issue for good, on the manifold.
      Here are a couple pics of the valve location. It's right around the top of the valve cover center manifold. Take the hose out carefully please, and look for the nipple. The last pic you see where this travels down to the Turbo inlet.

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