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    Thread: Chev 2007 Aveo LT Heat build up in cabin

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      Chev 2007 Aveo LT Heat build up in cabin

      I had head build up in cab of my Aveo and had the windows tinted with Sun Tek film. Now I found head build up to be more than normal in car. The climate controle (aircon) was checked by dealer and they could find no problem. They also replaced the cabin filter. The car stil build up heat in cabin and the window tint of 35% dont help at all to cool the car. What sould be my next step? Whould it help to fit DYNAMAT?

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      well if you make your winds black (darker colors do attract/create more heat). and you would also have the same greenhouse effect of the windows... so where is the study that tint keeps cars cooler?

      did you block off your air flap in the trunk? it only helps a little bit but if its not functioning, then it will allow excessive heat. you could add a second on to the other side if we dont already have two. or buy a solar shield.

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