Hey everyone! I need some transmission help. Recently I had the clutch replaced on my 2009 Aveo5. It was good for a couple weeks, but it became increasingly hard to get into second gear, and towards the end also 1st gear. Last week while driving, I could not get into second gear, nor really any other gear. The shifter felt jammed up and it also felt like everything in the trans shifted out of place. I was rolling, clutch fully depressed and it was as if that did nothing. It was grinding minimally until I found what is now, "neutral." I was able to pull over safely, and get a tow home. I'm a UTI graduate, worked professionally for about 5 years. I moved forward with my skills and became an EMT. Recently I just bought my first house and I'm training for the Fire service. I am very broke, and depend very heavily on my car. My time on the field I did not get the chance to become transmission savy and I'm out of date on wrenching in general. I'm struggling a bit on where to start.

There is no clutch reservoir correct? It works off of the brake fluid reservoir? I suspected the slave cylinder, but the fluid is full and the clutch does not feel any different than it did. I don't believe it is a hydraulic issue. Is there something the shop that replaced the clutch forgot/missed? All help is greatly appreciated, I am very happy to see this forum still going. Thanks!