Ok, as I have now owned this car for a couple of weeks now, I find a disparity between what I read here (very positive) and what I read out on the net about Aveo engines:

2005 Chevrolet Aveo Engine and Engine Cooling System Complaints

I want to make sure that if I fix my engine issue, that I do not have one of the issues listed on the above website. I know that some of those are due to negligence of the owner, but a bunch of them are due to cheap materials.

Can someone assist me with a list of things I need to replace or verify have been replaced on this car in order to reduce the risk of having issues down the road?

I appreciate all of your help! I really like this little car, I just need to ensure that if I invest the money to fix it back up, that I am not going to have an issue that I could have fixed now with an "ounce of prevention".

Thank you so much!