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    Thread: Air conditioner pully replaceable?

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      Air conditioner pully replaceable?

      I've owned my 2007 aveo for 7 months it has 93k I've had this noise randomly, I've replaced the timing belt, and all the related pulleys, I'm going to work on the front end and replace most of it. But the AC pully didn't sound great when I was looking at it during the timing belt work. Wondering if anyone has knowledge of the pulley going bad or if it is normal to not spin freely or without making any noises by hand turning. I don't have any knowledge of the AC or the pulley so would be grateful for help on this.

      Thanks, David

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      From my experience, AC compressor noise is probably originating from a failing internal pressure valve that can cause the compressor to make various mechanical sounding noises because of over-pressure or under-pressure. AC compressors don't last forever. The AC compressor on my 2009 failed last summer at about 98k miles after making a rough sounding mechanical noise for several days. In my opinion, your best option is to completely replace the entire compressor and pulley assembly with a brand new unit from Rockauto. A new chinese made UAC compressor is pretty cheap and the quality is quite high.


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