This post is for information in case someone has the same problem, maybe it will save them time diagnosing the problem.

2010 Chevrolet Aveo LT with 80K miles and option code WHB (EQUIPMENT ENHANCED ELECTRONIC MODULE SIGNAL SPEED, GM-LAN)

Daughters 2010 Aveo started then died in her garage before she could back out, from that time on the starter would not crank. All lights on IP were normal when ignition on and in the start position, could jump starter at starter relay and vehicle would crank.

Found 15A fuse blown at IP fuse panel on left side of dash. Fuse F6 EMS1 15A from IGN - 1 Relay. This circuit feeds power to ECM X1 connector Pin 14, removed X1 connector and circuit still had short to ground. This circuit also feeds ignition coil on top of spark plugs. Removed electrical connector from left side of valve cover to ignition coil and no more short circuit. Reinstalled X1 connector to ECM, replaced F6 EMS1 15A fuse and vehicle cranks.

Ignition coil has short circuit.

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Replaced Spark Plugs and Ignition Coil.

Hope this helps someone out as I spent a few hours of diagnosis.