As the title states, I have a 2009 Aveo5 with Automatic has low milage at appox 71,450 miles. It is a rare gem for me at such low milage and have had it for 3 years without any real issue, until now. Sorry this is a long read...a lot going on.

About a month and a half ago I drove it about 12 hours to and from my parents house, around 1400 miles total. Was fine all the way there, driving around the area my parents live, and fine all the way back until I got back to my city. Literally as soon as I got back it started "hesitating" when I tried to accelerate in the first few gears and over the course of a week it continued. The check engine light came on so I took it in to the shop, they replaced a sensor (can't remember which one at this point) and the check engine light went off, however the shifting problem persisted when they test drove it. They checked the trans fluid and it was BLACK and burnt. They did a trans service to it and told me to come back if the problem persists.

A week and a half later I went back because now not only is it "hesitating" but it is kind of "stuttering" (sorry, can't think of an accurate term to describe it), but it does it only in the first few gears, intermittently and usually only when it is warming up. They couldn't diagnose the problem, but the trans fluid was again BLACK and burnt, having only been a week and a half since it was changed. They referred me to a Transmission shop and they couldn't diagnose the problem either after I left my car there, because it was driving fine the whole time, and drove fine for couple more days until today. The trans shop told me to bring it back if a light comes back on, or if the problem gets worse. Still no thoughts as to why the fluid is burning.

Between the 4 times I have taken it in now and the two shops over the course of a month, nobody knows what is going on.

I am at my wits end with this issue and would appreciate any advice from anyone who might have had this issue before. Please help!