hello red, my situation was identical to urs only on my '00 metro w/5sp. mine to was lacking fuel, start with fuel pump, to save time i did NOT drop tank, pulled back seat, started with small hole until i cud easily see access hole to pump, i made access panel directly above pump 5-6 inches round, made 4 small tabs 2" long for supporting panel n not fall into hole, placed at 12,3,6,9 oclock screwed with sheet metal screws, as urs failed after 1/2 mile, next was a guess, injector, metro has one n drops down in2 throttle body, this compartment was full of fuel. not realizing at moment it shud be dry as wires for powering are in there, gaskt leaking fuel into area causing bad ground n shut down or spit n sputtr down hiway. new injectr n gaskt was fix, old one still worked now it has a box n a shelf on parts wall. aveo has 4 inj. n rail under pressure, start there, pressure test port on rail behind oil cap... test gauge rented at some autoparts stores...multimeter to test injtrs...good luck hope this helps, one more thing, weather conditions cud also be factor, eg. high humidity , 115* dry air, high altitude less o-2, salty air along beach, extreme cold temps. vacuum leak? hose or base throttle body, pvc ? ,airbag system yellow wire, in accidents it disconnect power to pump, resulting in no fuel, bad coil, or ground ...plug wires shorting , you said oil there, oil can NOT be allowed to hit base of plug, ck wire connection to valve cover not frayed or loose..