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    Thread: 08 Chevy Aveo - Help!

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      08 Chevy Aveo - Help!

      Hello everyone! This morning I got up and went to go start my car and it was dead. So I got it jumped and started her up. I started pressing the gas a little bit to charge the battery up. After roughly 3-5 seconds of reving, my car does no longer want to accelerate anymore. Here are some things I noticed that might help you guys find the problem; When I take the key fully out of the ignition and then put it back in and start her up, she will rev again for another 3-5 seconds then stop. However, if I leave the key in the ignition and just cut her off and try to start her back up she starts but does NOT rev up. I also noticed that after I have taken the key out of the ignition and started her back up that the rpms was under 1. Then after 3-5 seconds when the car stops allowing me to accelerate, the Rpms is a little bit above 1. Iím sure itís fuel issue and not electric, but I have no idea what it is or what to do as I am not a car guy. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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      Take it to a full service independent shop and ask them to test the battery, alternator, and the charging system wiring.

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