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    Thread: 07 Aveo5 - No longer starts stumped on further troubleshooting

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      07 Aveo5 - No longer starts stumped on further troubleshooting


      My aveo started up and I reparked it about 200ft away and jacked up the front end to try and find a exhaust leak. When I went to start it however it would do nothing. Put a jump pack on it and it started up fine but as soon as the pack was removed it would die. After a second try to verify I didn't just not let it run long enough to charge the battery from the alternator (which is brand new) I took it in and had it tested/Charged came back fine tried to start it again and nothing again even with the jump pack. Swapped batteries with another vehicle and issue persists. Lights and everything else works except the brake lights which was another issue I was about to T/S. Next I removed the starter and it sounded pretty had (innards real loose) So I replaced it and got a single click now. Tightened the negative cable to hell and got two clicks and then nothing. Added the jump pack got a click and a whirrr then nothing. Checked the ignition fuses and they seem fine. Checked the voltage of the battery and it was at 13.2 and then the OHMS confused me I put neg-neg and Pos-Pos just like the voltage but not no reading but when it was Neg-Pos I got 0.00 OHMS. My electrical knowledge is lacking and am rather frustrated as I just bought this car so I can put another in the shop -_-

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      If your battery is good, and the starter is also good, I would look into the starting circuit of the ignition system. Maybe your ignition switch is bad? That’s where I would start testing.
      good luck, hopefully you’ll find the issue quickly.
      As for the brake lights, check to see if the brake light switch is gummed up by the pedal.

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      Fuel pump?

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