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    Thread: Chevrolet pulling out of Europe in 2015

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      Chevrolet pulling out of Europe in 2015

      Don't know if anybody else saw this, but the Aveo is soon to be no more in Europe (and NOT because they're going to call it Sonic).

      Chevrolet - the Korean arm of GM that makes the Cruze, Spark, Aveo and Trax - is retiring hurt from Europe. You won't be able to buy those vehicles after 2015.

      You'll still be able to get the headline American metal like the Corvette and Camaro. And Cadillac is preparing for yet another try over here too. Though none of these American cars are confirmed for RHD, so it'll be a very limited incursion into Britain.

      Source: Chevrolet is dead (in Europe) - BBC Top Gear

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      Chevrolet Europe (as well as the Aveo nameplate) only has one week left...

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