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    Thread: Airbag light staying on

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      Airbag light staying on

      Hi, I am new to the forum , so donít know wether Iíve posted in the right place ! So hello everybody .
      I drive a Holden Barina Tk 2005-6 built in Korea , sheís a good car never really had any dramas for over 2 years since I owned it , I live in Australia so it does plenty of Kilometres!
      I have an issue with the airbag light staying on , have checked all connections under drivers seat right back to the 2 airbags and canít find anything wrong . My indicator stalk does not turn off automatically after I straighten when turning right and Iím wondering if these are linked, possibly a faulty Clock spring in the steering wheel perhaps.
      I am also wondering if this all to do with the huge air bag recall in the world at the moment !
      Korea have just announced that they are responsible for faulty air bags going back to 2001 , but my car is not on the faulty list as of today , but Holden are being very difficult admitting this here in Australia.
      does anyone know who makes their airbags are they the Takata ones ? I think thatís the name lol 😂
      any ideas you may have would be very welcome , and is it a reasonably easy job to replace a clockspring as Iím pretty good with cars .
      thanks for reading. Tim

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      Hi Tim, As the car is more than 5 years old it may not come up on current recall lists. Do you have a link to the list? You will find support (parts and service) for Korean built Holdens on the decrease. Don't expect the CAC in Melbourne to be too helpful, most of those guys have psych degrees and are not mechanically inclined.

      I suggest you find a good Holden Dealer Service Department and have them put the computer on the system. Who is your local dealer? We are having Holden Dealers close here in Perth so it looks like the brand is on the way out. I expect to see more Isuzu and Chev dealers in the future.

      As a last resort, remove the globe.

      Edit: Links found: https://www.productsafety.gov.au/rec...g-recalls-list

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