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      What's wrong with my car?
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      05' Manual 157k

      Picked this up for $500 10 miles away it was pretty ugly when I got it and still ugly to some of course.

      About $22 of Rusto-leum 2x Satin Espresso and a sprayer grip. (was a really worn out scratched and damaged primer with some of the original yellow and replaced red panels showing through to the old plaint)

      Tire-shined protectant the engine bay. Had to thicken up the RTV Sensor Safe permatex on the tube after this photo it tore or sucked a hole in it.

      Got a ACDelco VCG and a busted bolt from Chevy as well as a in. lb. wrench that I'll be putting in in a few days I did a temp repair so the seal face isn't caked with junk.

      On it's way:

      Gates Timing Belt Kit (Pump, Pulleys, Belt)
      Dayco Serpentine Belt
      Blue 3" pod filter with aluminum bent 3" pipe and silicone 2.5" joint (to fix the annoying accordion tear and avoid buying a factory filter, I prefer the durability and ease of cleaning a pod.

      Things I hope to finish:
      • Wrecking yard missing parts
      • Short shift bar or kit that fits or is modd-able to the Aveo
      • D-Spec Headlights
      • Bumpers+Kit+Roof Wing
      • Custom quick release steering wheel job using metal working if needed
      • True dual exhaust
      • Better brakes
      • Turbo (+prerequisites of course)
      • Under-drive pulley
      • Rsk mk2 coilovers
      • Working roof scoop
      • 2 Tone paint some of the interior since it looks like a wrecking yard mess atm
      • Eventually an engine swap - The older Lanos with the aluminum VC+Intake manifold or just a tiny 4cyl LS non-interference if they even make those.
      • Any other cool ideas from the forums I haven't read up on yet.

      I kind of like the stock seat once I got it adjusted which took a few commutes. I may just get some mid-ranged seat covers off of ebay.

      Looks like there is a sturdy gates belt on the car but it was done at home so I don't have a figure on it's mileage and they may have not done the pulleys so I'll take care of that asap

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      Welcome to the site and congrats on the new wheels. $500 is a nice deal for anything that runs!

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      $500 bucks for a working car! Heck Yeah!
      Please do not power off, firmware update pending.....

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      What's wrong with my car?
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      Yes that is a great thing.....$500 for a car that runs. That is the most awesome thing I have heard in a while.

      I still have my 2004 Hatchback with 207,xxx miles.

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      What do you mean there's no turbo? northguest47's Avatar
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      Just read this thread - cars got some character! I keeping thinking milk chocolate when I see that color, and hey with a few dents here and there you won't have to worry when someone with a 2 door sedan dents the side. Drive her 'till the wheels fall off I say..

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      What's wrong with my car?
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      Add some sway bars,or rigid bars(don't know how you call them)front (engine compartment at the top of the struts)
      And in the back,at the wheels.It will make a difference

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