Hi friends.
I have a 2009 Chevy Aveo 5 and have had so many issues in the last 2 months with this car. The car has 106,000 km on it becaus of how much I drive for my job. 3 weeks ago, my coolant hose blew while I was on the highway and it began to smoke. I had it fixed, new coolant put into the car at the mechanic shop I went to, and everything seemed to be working great. The air conditioning was working fine and the car was running great. Yesterday on my way to work, the coolant hose broke again and I had no idea. My air conditioning was on the coldest and it felt like room temperature air. I then noticed my temperature almost hitting the highest on the gage. So I pulled over, poured water on my engine and let it cool down. Got it fixed again. They made a custom hose for my car since they used a used hose the last time from a newer Aveo. I drove it today and when ever I would go to excellerate to merge onto the highway to get home, the air conditioning wouldn't be cold until my rpm went down. I'm terrified to drive this car because I don't want to be stranded again on the side of a highway. Any ideas of what the problem might be. It drove fine today and the thermostat stayed below half which I've been told is good but I want to make sure she's going to be fine. Tons of sentimental value with this car and it's also in my parents name but I pay for everything that needs to be done to it. The mechanics have said that if the hose blows again, it could be the head gasket... I'm thinking maybe just replacing it now before it causes more damage is my better option. Can anyone let me know what they think? Thank you!