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    Thread: Sludge in Coolant Tank in 2011 Aveo LT

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      Sludge in Coolant Tank in 2011 Aveo LT

      I checked out my coolant on a whim when changing the headlight bulb in my 2011 Aveo, and saw that it's full of this tan sludge and I'd like to do a coolant flush myself without spending the money to have it done. Does anyone have any input?
      The general idea I've gotten so far is to drain what's in there, and I'm guessing while it's empty to wipe out any sludge in the tank that I can reach, close up the drain underneath, and fill the tank to the top with distilled water. Then leave the cap off of it and fill it to the top, and run it with the heat on high with the cap off. Do I just wait until it's cool and then drain it again, or do I keep filling the tank as it's running?
      Also, is this even the best way to do it?

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      I'd definitely flush the coolant system, but I'd be more concerned about a head gasket failure. Tan in the coolant could be oil seeping into it. More importantly, this means you could mean you have coolant in your oil which can damage your engine.

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