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    Thread: how can I tell if my Aveo has ABS?

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      how can I tell if my Aveo has ABS?

      I have looked carefully and can not see any indication my 2005 Aveo has ABS. I have never observed the ABS light coming on when I start the car and I cannot find the ABS EBCM. My VIN ends in 476301.

      I have been advised that my VIN number indicates that is should have ABS??

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      look under the hood and see if you have an abs box long the brake lines?

      check to see if you have an abs fuse?

      slam on the brakes going 100mph an see if you skid?

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      I dont think u need 100mph lol. 55 should do fine, wet roads would save your tires if you dont.

      You could also look for the ABS light in the dash, should come on when you turn key to run, at least for a second.

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