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    Thread: Am I being stupid? (Will Suzuki swift coilovers fit Aveo?)

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      Am I being stupid? (Will Suzuki swift coilovers fit Aveo?)

      Hi and Hello all new to the forum as I picked up an Aveo5 in January this year and started modding it before I even got it on the road. My question is (its probably already been covered but it's extremely difficult to navigate this forum on my phone) do or do not the Suzuki swift coilovers fit the 2009 LT 1.4 Aveo Hatch? The T255, same chassis or whatever as the swift? Reason I ask is aveo coilovers are 800, swift coilovers are 300, see my issue? Here's a few pics of my ride to peak interest Name:  20170519_211640.jpg
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      The Swift+ sold in North America of the same year was a clone of the Aveo (re-badged).

      The Swift sold in Europe & UK is a genuine Suzuki, and an entirely different car. Sorry to say I doubt the parts are interchangeable.

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