Hey all. Well my dumbass brother in law fell on my Aveo, the drivers side fender, with his FAT ass! And left a sizeable dent in the fender, about the size of a coffee can, 1in deep? Of course it is right on the 'crease' in the fender, but the dent is 'smooth, not a sharp creased dent, and the paint isnt cracked, AND a thumb sized dent in the 'A' pillar,...I assume bracing himself as he fell...a total drunk!!

Now lets see at 3pm I pass my car on the drivers side going to the laundry room, its just fine. BUT at 330pm I go back by it and I have a freaking huge dent in the fender, and only he and I are here...now...who did it?

He denies it and couldnt care less. Well my questions are. Can a small 'thumb sized' dent be taken out of the 'A' pillar, it is about 5in from the bottom, next to the top of the fender. It is so 'sturdy' you know, to pass the crash tests, can that dent be removed, without major surgery? And can the dent he left on the fender be repaired using the PDR method? Or am I looking at replacement and respray?

So far I got a $250 repair est. And a $600 one! The $600 one is this,...its only $49 for the fender dent,...but 'the paint will probably crack, and if it doesn't, we cant guarantee it will look perfect', 'and we cant remove the dent on the 'A' pillar at all, it is to sturdy to get a dent out of it...so if you want perfect, we need to replace the fender, and blend the paint job on the fender/hood/and drivers door'. Kind of a huge difference! Thats $600! Advise/opinions?

Can the fenders 'crease' be saved and made to look like nothing happened, and the 'A' pillar dent be fixed as well,...like the $250 est. says. OR is the $49 offer, that says 'the paint will crack,...maybe, and if it doesnt, it wont look great', true?

I know i need to get more estimates. BUT if anyone knows what i should ask to the rest of the places I go to, to get estimates, that would help. And can the 'A' pillar be fixed...or is my first est. wrong, and he is going to screw up my car? He has it at $100 for that thumb sized dent. $150 for the fender. IF your in Ft.laud, with me, know any great PDR companies? I dont have a pic. yet, but if I get any replies i will post one in the morning, if you need to see it.