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    Thread: Front Headlight wiring assembly fried, need help!

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      Front Headlight wiring assembly fried, need help!

      hey guys, I havent posted on here in a while but I was wondering if someone can help me out. I have a 2008 Pontiac Wave SE. I went to change my headlights the other day because one of them was burnt out. When I removed the headlight assembly and disconnected the white plastic terminal housing from the bulb itself I noticed that the plastic part was melted and black, and that the terminals were completely fried (worse on driver side) Now I realize that the bulb didn't burn out, the contact terminal is useless as it has been severely damaged. The driver side headlight does not work at all anymore. The passenger side still works but who knows for how long.

      I went to the dealer and was told that GM does not make replacement "pig tail" wiring assembly for headlights for the Wave. They would have to re-wire the front assembly (big bucks, and i'm not interested in that)

      So far my search through a few local junk yards has turned up nothing.....Any Thoughts?

      (I'm looking for the white connector that attaches to the contact point of the light bulb. )

      If anyone knows where I can find a set of these to splice in, PLEASE let me know ASAP.....I need to fix right away!!!


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      ebay my friend. ebay
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      any car that has the same bulb would have the pig tail, the same pigtail with the bulb on ebay, auto parts stores should be able to get them, etc.

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