Just a curiosity if anyone would know anything about this, but I have spent a little time cross referencing Family 1 GM E-TEC engines and have come upon this puppy:

Z16LET - 1.6 L (1598 cc) 79 mm (3.1 in) 81.5 mm (3.2 in)

It makes around 176HP and 170ft lbs of torque. Aside from being turbo from the factory and having a coil on plug system, very much of the engine looks to be the same. This is a GenIII E-TEC engine and was used in (at least) the Opal Astra and Insignia which is a bummer since we don't have ready access to that here in the states HOWEVER....

It was also used in the 2010 through 2012 SAAB 9-5 1.6T which IS available to us (just in a strange car).

I'm not interested in an engine swap as it would be too expensive, but specific parts of this engine if we could interchange with ours to get more horsepower... The turbo system I'm interested in as well as the coil on plug system even though I know it wouldn't be as easy as drag and drop. Does anyone have any experience with this motor?

What's funny is this engine sounds very much like ours: