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    Thread: 2007 Chevy Aveo Brake and back up (reverse) lights are not working

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      2007 Chevy Aveo Brake and back up (reverse) lights are not working

      Hi All

      I've just purchased a 2007 Aveo (sedan, 5 speed). After i drove 500 miles, i realized that my brake lights and back up lights are not working. What do you think the problem would be?

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      I would check fuses and the brake switch above the pedal.

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      First bring it back to the dealer if you got it from a dealer. If you didn't then check relays and fuses. I also understand that there is some sort of brake switch solenoid that goes bad. Check that

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      I know when i first got my 2005 Aveo LS my back up lights wouldn't work, i did a bit of research and you can get a reverse switch which should go right on the front of your transmission if you have a manual transmission. its not hard to find and is no more that $20 i believe. its an easy job to do yourself, you just unplug the wire from the switch, unscrew the switch, replace it with a new one and plug it back in!

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      as everyone else has said, Start Simple, and check the fuses in the Dash, as well as the Operation of the BOO. (Brake On/Off Switch) if those seem fine, make an appointment with an Honest Chevy Dealer and have them check the wiring.

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