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    Thread: RS :: 2006 Chevrolet Aveo LS (Garage entry)

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      I bought the car in October of 2016 with 146,000 miles on it and fell in love with its simplicity. I use it as a daily driver and I was impressed with how well it handled on dirt and gravel roads.Fun little rally car and produces a mean Scandinavian Flick lol. At first I was a little bummed about in not having a manual transmission, but the auto grew on me after a while; especially after I discovered the HOLD button. I call it "SPORT MODE" lol. Plus I read that the AT was built by Aisin and it is nearly bullet proof.


      Stock, the steelies were a little rusty so I plasti dipped them black.


      When I realized how well it handled on dirt I had to remove the LS badge and dub it the RS or Rally Sport Edition. I cut the lower part of the rear bumper to expose the suspension, exhaust and tow hook, which I sprayed red I used door trim to wrap over the edges to vlean up the rough cut job. I plasti dipped the rear quarter windows black. I just added drilled and slotted rotors as well.

      When I found out there aren't any hub adapters for an aftermarket steering wheel I removed the air bag and fabricated a carbon fiber plate to put in it's place. I also added a stitch on suede steering wheel wrap to give it a race car look and some horn buttons as well. The best part is if you live in an area that requires saftey inspections you can always reinstall the air bag easily.

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