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    Thread: 2005 Aveo LS (how to remove brake drums?)

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      2005 Aveo LS (how to remove brake drums?)

      I am not sure how to remove the brake drum on my Aveo. I have removed drums on other cars by pulling the drum itself but I have noted that there is a plug in the center with a large nut. How do I remove the drum to inspect the shoes? Thanks.

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      i have an 04 aveo and i believe its the same thing. to get the drum off first with the car on the ground loosen the big center bolt (FYI its 32mm socket). then jack the car up, because if you try to remove it in the air it nearly impossible. (it will take quite a bit of force to break it free so dont be afraid to use some muscle on it.) after the bolt is loosened jack the car up and take the tire off. remove the center bolt the rest of the way. at this point two things could happen, you can easily remove your brake drum OR the brake shoes have worn a groove in the drum and are going to take a little force to get them off. if they do have that groove in them when you get them off i would recommend either getting them turned or getting new ones. if you have any other questions just let me know.

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      if you have the one piece drum and hub, you need to take the spindle nut off as described. if not do everything else explained to get the drum off the hub.

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